BEE&YOU Founder and CEO, Ms. Asli Samanci, Featured in Acquisition International

BEE&YOU Founder and CEO, Ms. Asli Samanci, Featured in Acquisition International

We are excited to share that Acquisition International has published an article highlighting the inspiring journey of Dr. Asli Samanci, the founder and CEO of BEE&YOU. The article explores the origins of BEE&YOU and its impact on the immune enhancement industry.

"Dr. Asli Samanci, a mother to a child with autoimmune disease, started BEE&YOU to create a natural and effective solution. She sourced raw propolis and developed her own product, which yielded remarkable results for her child. This led to the establishment of BEE&YOU in 2013, aiming to provide top-quality immune enhancement products.

BEE&YOU has gained prominence in the industry, with over 10 years of sales and numerous awards. The brand's "Contracted Beekeeping" model ensures high-quality and sustainable bee products sourced from trusted beekeepers. BEE&YOU supports 5,000 contracted beekeepers and maintains 500,000 beehives. Dr. Asli Samanci's dedication to natural remedies has garnered global recognition for BEE&YOU. The brand offers the highest quality immune enhancement products, improving the lives of individuals and families."

The article in Acquisition International showcases the achievements of Ms. Asli Samanci and the impact of BEE&YOU. Through her journey, she has revolutionized the immune enhancement industry and inspired entrepreneurs worldwide. BEE&YOU continues to make a significant difference by offering nature-derived products of the utmost quality.

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