Bee Venom Containing Cream Formula!

Bee Venom Containing Cream Formula!

BEE&YOU Cofounder and CEO, Dr. Aslı Samancı Developed Bee Venom Containing Cream Formula!


Dr. Aslı Samancı, renowned for her expertise in bee products and health, is achieving a new milestone as the cofounder and CEO of BEE&YOU. With recent notable contributions, Dr. Aslı Samancı is on the verge of a breakthrough in the health and beauty industry. Her latest project, under her leadership, was set to revolutionize the field. Mrs. Samanci earned her Ph.D. degree in Biology with a dissertation on developing skincare cream formulations by utilizing bee venom and other bee-derived products. Then, three years of research gave excellent results: BEE&YOU Anti-Aging Set!


Dr. Aslı Samancı's latest venture is named the "Development of Skin Care Products Containing Bee Venom." While the unique health benefits of bee venom have been known for a long time, this new formula provides an innovative way to incorporate bee venom into daily skincare routines.


Bee venom is known for its richness in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components, with scientifically proven potential to enhance skin health. In developing these formulas, Dr. Samancı utilized her expertise in bee products. By using bee venom, the aim was to reduce signs of aging, balance skin tone, and fortify the skin barrier. BEEYOU Anti-aging Set, composed of eye contour serum, face cream, and eye contour cream, stands out as a natural product free from parabens and chemical additives.


Dr. Aslı Samancı, in her statement on the matter, said, "Bee venom has long been recognized as a significant ingredient in health and beauty. At BEE&YOU, we have worked passionately and diligently to explore its potential in health and skincare. BEE&YOU Anti-Aging Set is a product of these efforts, and we aim to contribute to skin health."


This innovative development from Dr. Aslı Samancı to health and beauty enthusiasts was welcomed with great interest. For more information about BEE&YOU, as well as to follow updates on this new product, you can visit


You can access the scientific study by clicking here!

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