In a culminating event dedicated to unraveling the potential of innovation, which took place in Istanbul, we have witnessed firms gathering on a special occasion. At the prestigious InovaLIG Champions Award Ceremony, attended by 2,500 companies from different sectors, pioneering female entrepreneur and propolis producer BEE&YOU, cofounded by Dr. Aslı Samancı, came out on top in the Innovation Cycle category.


Dr. Aslı Samancı, CoFounder and General Manager of BEE&YOU, Becomes the Recipient of the First Prize in the Innovation Cycle Category!


Upon accepting the award, Dr. Aslı Samancı shared her profound excitement and pride, stating, "Maintaining our steadfast belief in the role of innovation in shaping the future, we remain committed to contributing to our industry and country. Innovation Week, designed to explore the power of innovation and inspire, has become an unforgettable source of success and motivation for us. Having initially secured the second-place award in İnovaLIG in 2016, we proudly claim the first-place award as BEE&YOU commemorates its 10th year. Our next target is the championship! As a company exporting to 36 countries, we diligently work, achieve significant milestones, and stand firm in our belief in the power of innovation. We labor in the same hive, growing and strengthening in unison. On our journey to establish Anatolian Propolis as a global brand, this esteemed award is a source of immense pride and joy for us all. Where there are bees, there is life!"


BEE&YOU, Making Waves in 36 Countries!


Founded by Dr. Aslı Samancı, who has received over 80 national and international awards in a decade, BEE&YOU proudly operates as an R&D center specializing in bee products. At the BEE&YOU R&D and Innovation Center, collaborative academic and clinical studies are conducted with experts in various scientific disciplines, including food, chemistry, pharmacy, and pharmacology. Each of the 100+ innovative products developed is 100% natural.


Championing the "Contracted Beekeeping" model for fair trade, BEE&YOU facilitates the global distribution of bee products, including propolis, royal jelly, pollen, bee bread, and bee venom. With 5,000 contracted beekeepers and 550,000 beehives spanning Anatolia, BEE&YOU ensures the highest quality bee products. Operating in food, nutritional supplements, dermo-cosmetics, and medical devices, BEE&YOU proudly sells its products from hive to table and guarantees the production of high-quality bee products. As BEE&YOU continues its mission to establish Anatolian Propolis as a global brand, it proudly sells value-added Anatolian bee products to 36 countries, including the USA, Italy, the UK, South Korea, the Netherlands, and Germany.

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