America's Number 1 Sustainability and Innovation Award-Winning Propolis Brand, BEE&YOU, at NACDS Expo!

America's Number 1 Sustainability and Innovation Award-Winning Propolis Brand, BEE&YOU, at NACDS Expo!

As an advocate for healthy living and naturalness, BEE&YOU, the number 1 sustainability and innovation award-winning propolis brand in America, participated in the NACDS Total Store Expo held in San Diego, California, from August 12th to 14th. This event brings together leading professionals and brands in the retail sector to showcase the latest innovations and trends. On this platform, BEE&YOU presented its range of products filled with natural food, dietary supplements, and skincare items to its enthusiasts.

BEE&YOU Shines at NACDS Expo

The expo provided a platform for BEE&YOU to explain Anatolia's unique qualities of bee offerings. They also educated attendees on the meticulous processes involved in crafting BEE&YOU products. Visitors were captivated by BEE&YOU's rigorous research approach and complete portfolio of 100% natural items, which clinical studies have validated. The event allowed BEE&YOU to showcase their commitment to science-backed, ingredient-pure products and engage the audience.

BEE&YOU From the Fascinating Anatolia

BEE&YOU is a company co-founded by Dr. Aslı Samancı, focusing on producing natural bee products to enhance immune health. The company's story began when Dr. Aslı Samancı's son faced health issues related to a weakened immune system. Her personal experience led her to explore the potential benefits of propolis and royal jelly in boosting immunity. Unsatisfied with the quality of available products, she embarked on a mission to create high-quality, genuine bee products to support health. In addition to their focus on bee-based health products, BEE&YOU also produces natural skincare products. Leveraging their expertise in bee-derived ingredients such as propolis, royal jelly, bee venom, and raw honey, they have expanded their product line to include skincare items that focus on the potential benefits of these ingredients for skin health and wellness.

BEE&YOU's product line includes raw honey, royal jelly, and propolis products, all developed with a commitment to natural ingredients and innovative extraction methods. The company's dedication to quality, innovation, and sustainability has earned them more than 70 international awards. One of the notable aspects of BEE&YOU is its unique "Contracted Beekeeping" model, which involves partnering with beekeepers who adhere to good beekeeping practices and supply high-quality raw materials. This approach ensures premium ingredients for BEE&YOU's products, supports beekeeping communities and promotes environmental sustainability. Overall, BEE&YOU is a brand that combines science, innovation, and a commitment to natural health solutions to create bee-based products that aim to enhance immune health and overall well-being.

BEE&YOU: Leading the Way in Sustainability BEE&YOU's pioneering sustainability initiatives have set them apart as a remarkable force. Dr. Aslı Samancı, the Co-Founder and General Manager of BEE&YOU, underscored their commitment through the "Contracted Beekeeping" model. Collaborating with 5,000 contracted beekeepers and fostering 550,000 hives, their mission is twofold: conserving bee populations and bolstering pollination dynamics. This initiative echoes across the food, agriculture, and beekeeping realms, aligning with sustainability goals. Notably, 1% of product revenues are dedicated to funding beekeepers' equipment, empowering those in Anatolia to augment hives and amplify pollination. Dr. Aslı Samancı always says, "Where there are bees, there is life!" Dr. Aslı Samancı, the visionary behind BEE&YOU, expounded on their 100% natural sunscreens and ecological significance. She elucidated that scientific evidence exposes the detrimental impact of chemical-laden sunscreens on oceans, imperiling coral reefs. Experts praise the virtues of non-nano mineral zinc to bask in the sun's rays responsibly. BEE&YOU responded by engineering sun protection creams, embracing this wisdom and coupling it with Anatolian propolis. Dr. Aslı Samancı, Co-Founder and General Manager of BEE&YOU, drew attention to the utilization of beeswax derived from propolis extraction within the framework of the "Zero Waste" project. Dr. Samancı stated that beeswax separated during propolis extraction is used in many skincare products due to its ability to help retain moisture in the skin. This way, the benefits of propolis extract, with its phenolic and flavonoid compounds, are fully utilized. BEE&YOU brand continues its vision of preserving natural resources, enhancing community well-being, and leaving a more sustainable world for future generations through actionable sustainable practices.

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