What is Propolis? Why do we need it?

What is Propolis? Why do we need it?

Propolis is a natural bee product collected from the buds, leaves, and plants' stems, exhibiting powerful antioxidant and antimicrobial features. Bees utilize propolis to sterilize their hives by killing the microorganisms, and they release their eggs into the comb cells after coating with propolis. Hence, bees make sure that their eggs can develop healthily.Moreover, bees keep their products of honey, royal jelly, and pollen in those cells to preserve for more extended periods. In general, propolis color ranges from light to dark brown.It is ancient folk medicine that humankind has used since M.B 460-357. Propolis, a natural food, is very rich in phenolic and flavonoids compounds, giving many healthy attributes and benefits for humans when consumed daily.

Our Propolis Mixtures

BEE&YOU, a company established by the experts and scientists of Istanbul Technical University (ITU), is proud of the award-winning processing technique for propolis extraction.Our method was granted the "Innovative Technology Award" of TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey), TUSIAD (Turkish Industry and Business Association) and TTGV (Technology Development Foundation of Turkey) in 2016. Agricultural and food engineers have developed our technology in our laboratories established at the Technology Development Area of ITU.Propolis is inedible after harvested from the beehives because it is mixed with beeswax and other impurities. There was a need for a proper processing technique to make propolis be edible and remove beeswax while keeping its biological activity.We produce propolis under the controlled conditions monitored by the experts without harming its healthy natural potential.BEE&YOU processes raw Anatolian propolis by extracting and making phenolics and flavonoids to be water-soluble.   Our precious all-natural propolis mixtures are

  • Propolis Tincture.
  • Propolis-Nuts-Raw Honey Spread.
  • Chocolate with Propolis and Honey.
  • Propolis-Royal Jelly-Raw Honey Mixture Spread.

How can we consume propolis?

Propolis is not edible directly after collected from the beehives. Besides, no biological activity is available since the human body can only digest at low rates. Hence, propolis must be extracted with proper solvents and made ready for human consumption. Our experts produce propolis with the most appropriate conditions and prepare different mixtures by creating delicious flavors suitable for children and adults. However, we also remind that allergic people need to do a simple skin test with one or two drops of propolis before to the first use of propolis.We recommendBEE&YOU Propolis tincture for children aging 4-10, about 10-40 drops daily. Children above 11 and adults may consume 20-80 drops by mixing with yogurt, honey, or other semi-solid foods.We also advise the same amounts for BEE&YOU Water-Soluble Propolis to be mixed with cold or warm milk, water, or fruit juices.

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