Things to Know Consuming Royal Jelly!

Things to Know Consuming Royal Jelly!

What is Royal Jelly?

Royal jelly is a nutritious and natural bee product with a creamy texture, whitish color, pungent aroma, and a sour-bitter taste. It is produced by the worker bees from their pharyngeal glands and is used to nourish the larvae and the queen bee in the beehive. Royal jelly contains proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins A, D, E, and B-complex, and minerals like magnesium, iron, and zinc. It also has unique components called 10-HDA and royalactin, which are not found in other foods.


How is Royal Jelly Produced?


The raw materials for royal jelly include pollen, water, and honey. Young worker bees consume and digest pollen, which is then used in the production of royal jelly by the glands. The royal jelly is then delivered to the oral cavity. Initially, it has a consistency similar to milk but thickens over time.

How is Royal Jelly Obtained?

Obtaining royal jelly is not an easy process! Typically, the collection of royal jelly takes place during the spring and summer months. Beekeepers first need to remove the queen bee from the hive safely. Then, they leave eggs and larvae in the hive. The goal is for the worker bees to fill these cells with royal jelly for the new queen bee. By repeating this process over about a month, only 20-25 grams of royal jelly can be obtained from a single hive. Proper storage conditions are also crucial after obtaining royal jelly.

What are the Benefits of Royal Jelly?

Royal jelly is the secret behind the long life of queen bees! Like a queen bee, feeling energetic throughout the day is possible with royal jelly. It adds value to the nutrition of growing children due to its rich nutritious content. Royal jelly provides the necessary moisture to your skin with its naturally occurring beneficial fats. Because of its natural and nutritional content, royal jelly is utilized in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, dietary supplement, and food industries.

How Should We Store Royal Jelly?

Fresh royal jelly should be stored in the refrigerator (+4 °C). Mixed products containing royal jelly, raw honey, and propolis should be stored in a dry environment at room temperature (approximately 22 °C).

How Should We Consume Royal Jelly?

Royal jelly can be consumed in combination with raw honey and propolis. However, it can also be consumed in its pure form as fresh royal jelly. Royal jelly can be mixed with raw honey and/or propolis for a better taste. BEE&YOU offers various products, such as BEE&YOU Organic Royal Jelly Propolis Raw Honey Mix and BEE&YOU Organic Royal Jelly Propolis Raw Honey Mix for Kids. Royal jelly can be consumed directly, with a piece of bread, or mixed with foods such as milk, muesli, yogurt, smoothie, or fruit juice. Consuming at least a full teaspoon or more as needed is suggested, preferably between meals or before exercise.

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