Apiculture Activities and Types of Honey in Anatolian Geography

Apiculture Activities and Types of Honey in Anatolian Geography

Anatolian geography is highly suitable for apiculture activities and is the second-largest beekeeping region in the world due to its rich plant flora, right ecological conditions, and enough colonies. Honeybees collect flower nectars and the secretions of certain insects living on the trees, transforming them into honey by their intrinsic proteins and removing excess water. Then they store honey in honeycomb cells. Carbohydrates, pollen grains, minerals, and enzymes are naturally found in honey. Raw honey means it isn't subjected to high temperatures or pasteurized. It is produced without undergoing thermal processing above 45°C and without being filtered through a mesh of more than 0.3mm. Hence the nutritional value of honey can be saved.

Depending on the nectar source, honey varies in color, taste, aroma, and chemical composition. There are two types of honey: flower honey (obtained from plant nectars) and honeydew honey.

Flower honey is a popular and widely available honey with a sweet and light taste. It comes in various colors depending on the plant species from which nectar is collected. BEE&YOU Wildflower Raw Honey is a delicious example of this type of honey, made from different flowers and retaining all the natural nutritional benefits and fantastic flavor. Have you had the chance to try it yet?

Honeydew honey is formed by collecting the sweet secretions of insects living on forest trees such as pine, oak, beech, and fir. Pine honey is the most significant type of honeydew produced in Anatolian geography due to the abundance of pine trees in the region. Pine honey, obtained from pine trees, is dark in color and has an incredibly distinct flavor. No other honey type would have that flavor; you can easily understand it is pine honey! It also helps strengthen the immune system and alleviate cold symptoms. Have you tried BEE&YOU Pine Raw Honey yet?


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